Backyard weddings! Their on the rise due to the cost of weddings rising. They are becoming more and more popular, be it in your own or a friends backyard.
​They aren't for everyone however, for a start you need an appropriate yard & size for the amount of guests and decor you would like.  But that's what Hunter Outdoor Ceremonies are here for! We can help create your romantic ceremony as you imagined it, right in your very own private residence. 
​Here are some reasons why a backyard wedding is a great option...
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No Venue Cost
​​With the cost of hiring a venue these days then adding the decor on top, the price can climb quite quickly. A backyard is free to start!
Total Control of Layout and Theme
​Make it an elegant affair or a casual event. The choice is all yours. Set it up how and where you like it. The freedom to create a space exactly how you envisioned.
Select any Wedding Date you Like
Most popular venues can book out a year or even two in advance. Leaving you little options for a wedding date and travel availability for your guests afar.​​ By hosting your wedding in a backyard you have the freedom to choose a date that suits you and your families.
Games, Children & Relaxation
Most venues don't cater for children or lawn games (or offer the time slot availability to have a play around after the ceremony). A backyard offers a place to relax, let loose and let the kids (and the big kids!) play.
No Curfew/Limited Time Slots/Venue Rules
Take as long as you like. Use the whole day or host an evening dinner and twilight ceremony. You can plan the day however you like it ​with no rules or time slots to adhere to. Celebrate into the night without a care in the world (just consider the neighbours!).
Family & Friends Can Get Involved
If your on a budget, a backyard wedding gives you the freedom of friends and family helping out with catering, entertainment​, drinks service etc